Top 10 States in America Most Interested in Crypto

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The top ten states in America that are most interested in the two most popular digital currencies, bitcoin and Ethereum, were revealed in a report published on September 2 by the cryptocurrency market aggregation website portal The team used Coingecko’s page traffic statistics to discover that 43% of visitors to the site’s bitcoin and Ethereum web pages come from California.

California Leads the Pack recorded 44.4 million visits in the previous month, figures showed on September 3. According to Coingecko’s report, California outperformed all other states in America.

The majority of the top 20 states scored higher for bitcoin, but Ethereum scored higher in places like New Jersey, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Florida.

Bobby Ong, COO, and co-founder of Coingecko said he wasn’t surprised that California dominated the nation in terms of interest in bitcoin and Ethereum.

It is unsurprising that California, as one of the world’s major technological hubs, takes the crown in ‘blue-chip’ cryptocurrency interest. What’s especially notable is Colorado, Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Florida’s interest in Ethereum over Bitcoin. It remains to be seen how these rankings and market shares will play out in the coming months, with Ethereum’s Merge around the corner.

Bobby Ong

Out of the top 20, New Jersey and Indiana had the two lowest ratings. According to Coingecko’s survey, bitcoin has 76% of the top 20 states’ interest, compared to 24% for Ethereum.

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