The Ethereum Foundation is actively working to resolve potential conflicts of interest

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The Ethereum Foundation is fast-tracking the creation of a formal policy to handle potential conflicts of interest after it was revealed that two of its researchers received significant token incentives from EigenLayer. Executive Director Aya Miyaguchi emphasized the importance of the Foundation’s credible neutrality and acknowledged the community’s concerns, noting that relying on culture and individual judgment has been inadequate.

Researcher Justin Drake disclosed on May 19 that he received a substantial Eigen token incentive after becoming an advisor to the Eigen Foundation. He stated that the incentive could be worth millions of dollars over three years and pledged to reinvest the proceeds into the Ethereum ecosystem. Drake’s advisory role focuses on researching restaking risks, and he intends to maintain a critical stance on EigenLayer.

Another researcher, Dankrad Feist, also revealed his advisory role with EigenLayer under similar conditions as Drake, focusing on risks and decentralization while clarifying that his position is personal. The disclosures have sparked discussions about ensuring adequate compensation for Ethereum Foundation staff to prevent the need for additional incentives from external sources. EigenLayer allows users to deposit and “re-stake” ether from various liquid staking tokens to secure third-party networks or services.

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