The 10 Cool Benefits of 2cash Crypto Wallet That Filipinos Do Not Know About

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2cash is Money for Everyone.

A number of Filipinos have expressed interest when it comes to investing digital assets. No doubt, the popularity of cryptocurrency is exploding in the country. Many Filipinos, however, do not know what specific platform they should be using in order to capitalize the opportunities they have particularly in the crypto industry. 

If you are one of those Filipinos looking for opportunities in the digital world then 2cash is the right platform that you should use.  Here are the 10 cool things you can benefit and do with your 2cash wallet account that many Filipinos do not know about.

  1. 2crowdsave

Invite a group of 5 – everyone deposits $240 2CS to qualify for the annual AC20 and receive the total group dividends every month. This is a great way to group fund all the participants with a significant amount to help support everyone’s needs. Visit for details.

  1. AC20

This is the monthly subscription that provides the VIP license to engage and have unlimited transactions with no fees, plus the opportunity to earn rewards 20% + overrides. Invite five who also subscribe to the AC20 and yours is free – invite 10 AC20’s and earn $20 USD monthly – invite 20 AC20’s and earn $40 USD monthly and so on.

  1. Debit card

Make withdrawals to a prepaid debit card for online purchases or ATM local cash currency. Order up to 3 cards part AC20 account. 

  1. Exchange 

Find the best way to buy Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies at the best market rates. Leverage the best time to buy low & sell high – trade Fx and earn money just like professional traders.

  1. 2cash NFT Community

This is the easiest way to buy and sell NFTs with no gas fees. To learn more visit

  1. Funds Transfer

Enjoy the most efficient and economical way to share funds with friends & family instantly anywhere worldwide.

  1. 2pack100 

This is the entry level product pack for a $100 USD value that includes 2cash tokens + financial fundamentals (entertainment / education how to build your financial future). You can also maximise the 2cash programme with 2pack1000 – 2pack3000 – 2pack5000. Visit

  1. BillPay

This includes the ability to pay utility bills from anywhere worldwide with your 2cash wallet, Currently this applies to the Philippines Beta programme and will be available in the future for Pakistan, India and more countries around the world. Visit

  1. 2shop 

This promotes 2cash usability to order everything from designer merchandise to discounted travel and Philippines Beta. Visit the site frequently as it expands with products from around the world you can purchase with your 2cash wallet –

  1. 2cash Crypto-Commerce 

This gives you the opportunity to sign up businesses that can accept 2cash payments. This is a great alternative for retail and small businesses that can not qualify or afford to accept credit cards. The 2cash Crypto-Commerce is available with NO FEES | INSTANT QUALIFICATION. Earn rewards on every transaction from 2cash business account merchants that you refer to with your promo code.

2cash is Money for Everyone. It helps you build the financial future you want. Get started and enjoy these benefits by creating an account now.

About 2cash

2cash is a FinTech development firm that provides unlimited trading and transactions through the AC20, plus pays rewards to all AC20 members when they invite others. In addition to the AC20, members can also enjoy ProTrade, Crypto-Commerce, BillPay, and other features available in the 2cash wallet.

For more information, visit and create a free account using the promo code of the person who invited you. If you have found 2cash online, we will provide you a promo code.  Should you need assistance or have any questions you can chat with us at or visit the 2cash Help Centre at