Sharing 2cash with the Philippines is now easier than ever

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Great news for anyone around the world who wants to send money to the Philippines! Integration with over 2000 locations nationwide provides quick and easy remittance if the receiver does not have a bank account or 2cash debit card.

Through the partnership with Palawan agents, now anyone with a 2cash wallet in the Philippines can receive from anyone worldwide then process a withdrawal to Palawan remittance by entering their local location in the Philippines. When the transaction is processed they will receive the withdrawal code from Palawan and be able to walk into their local branch to pick up their money.

About 2cash

2cash is a FinTech firm that has developed the 2cash wallet, 2cash digital / cryptocurrency, 2cash blockchain and 2cash Quickpay API applications that support unlimited transactions with no fees when user subscribe to the AC20. 2cash markets and promotes its products through its users with a bounty rebate and referral income programme.

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