New 2cash Axie Infinity Scholars are Now Grinding SLP

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The Axie Infinity Season 18 has just ended and the new 2cash scholars – Ronald de Guzman, Lauriane Gie Salamanca, and Erwin Gayrama are getting their Axie teams ready to grind SLP, especially for the next season.

It was a few weeks ago when they were qualified for a Full Axie Infinity Scholarship funded by 2cash in support of the Axie Infinity community. To date, continuous assessment of the application is being done. So, should you want to apply for a scholarship, visit go.2cash.io/axie for more information. You must also note that you just need to comply with all the necessary requirements in order to qualify.

The 2cash – Money for Everyone is a platform designed to help build the financial future you want and provide you with opportunities to trade cryptocurrencies and NFTS with SMALL to ZERO TRANSACTION FEES. With 2cash Axie Project, any players of Axie Infinity will have the convenience to withdraw their SLP directly from their Ronin to their 2cash wallet and easily convert it to PHP and deposit it to either their bank account, GCash, or through remittance. Plus, they also have the option to use it for crypto trading, 2cash BillPay, or avail of 2cash products (see 2shop).

For more information, visit www.2cash.io and create a free account using the promo code of the person who invited you. If you found 2cash online, chat with us or email us and we will provide you a promo code.